Dex Baby Convertible Bed Rail


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The DexBaby Convertible Crib Bed Rail was designed with mom and dad's peace of mind and the safety of their little one at the center. It is an exciting, but nerve-wracking transition as your baby becomes a toddler.

  • Because safety is the number one concern, DexBaby set out to design the original convertible bed rail and has remained the sturdiest system on the market. The reinforced anchor attaches directly to the crib spring ensuring that the railing does not shift or buckle.
  • Stress-free assembly: When the kids are running around the house before bedtime, this will inevitably be your first opportunity to set up the new railing guard. We understand this and created the bedrail assembly to be stress-free and quick. No tools required. 
  • Create memories through new routines: Sitting with your child while reading bedtime stories is so important. We didn’t want a crib rail to prevent these sweet times, so the rail is designed with a two-hand release giving you a quick means of lowering it. Don’t miss these important moments.
  • Best quality materials and componenets: What good is a great design if the parts used to build it are sub-par? There is nothing worse than thinking you’re getting a deal only to find out YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. The DexBaby convertible toddler bed rail uses the highest quality nylon and mesh, plastics and metal so you can use it for each of your boys and girls.
  • Extra tall for thick mattresses: Crib mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses, so rather than build a crib railing that only fits small ones, we designed the BRCC to adapt to even the largest beds.
  • Lifetime Warranty: We’ve sold over 500,000 units of this crib rail and confidently stand behind it.

3" x 18.6" x 10", 6 lbs