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    What should I register for?

    Anything and everything! People will want to get you the things you want – from swaddles to bottles to a car seat. Put it all down, making sure to include a range of price points, and let your friends and family choose what they'd love to get you. If you change your mind about a gift, no problem – you can return or exchange any gift from your Baby Registry that's in new condition. Gift cards are very popular too!

    How much should I register for?

    The more, the better. Your registry is a great way to stay organized by keeping track of everything you need to welcome home your baby. Your friends & family will appreciate a variety of products and price points to choose from. And remember, if you get duplicates, or simply change your mind about something, we always offer hassle-free returns and exchanges.

    When should I start my Baby Registry?

    A lot of new moms and dads to-be initially get overwhelmed, feeling they have to get it all done at once, and that every decision is final. This is totally normal. But relax, take your time and have fun. Starting early gives you time to consider your choices and enough lead time on special orders. (You'll also be quite thankful if your baby decides to arrive before expected!) Come back to add as many times as you need to. Our associates are always available to answer your questions and offer personalized attention.

    How do I add items to my Baby Registry?

    If you start a registry online, you can simply click the "Add to registry" button on each product page once you've set up your registry. If you have an in-store registry, one of our team members can assist you.

    How do I access my registry?

    Log into your Kacz' Kids account on our website or come into our location. You can setup guest passwords if you want your registry to remain private, but still accessible to family and friends.

    How is the registry managed?

    It is up to the buyer of the item to inform us that their purchase if for your registry. That way we can remove the item from the list in-store. If an item is purchased online from your online registry, the list will automatically update.

    Do you have the same items available in-store as you do online?

    Of course! However, your selection is much larger in-store. We have over 17,000 square feet of floor space! :) 

    There is an item in-store that I can't find online. How do I add it to my registry?

    Send us a request to along with your registry credentials and we will make its added in a reasonable time frame for you!

    What if I don't want gifts shipped to my house before my baby shower date?

    You can make a note in your registry stating that you would prefer an in-store pick up option. We will hold your registry items for you until you are ready to pick them up.

    Can I access my in-store registry online?

    Unfortunately at this time, the in-store registry is separate from the online registry. However, we can forward copies of your in-store registry to any contacts you provide us. Simple make the request to and we will send it out asap!