How to recycle your car seat

Kacz' Kids is proud to partner with Kid Seat Recyclers! We are accepting all used and expired seats at our location in Calgary.

Want to recycle your seat? Here’s what you need to do:

1. REMOVE ALL MATERIAL (FABRIC) AND STRAPS from each seat. (The amount of waste this produces is too large for us to dispose of easily). We cannot dispose of your upholstery on site.

2. A mandatory recycling levy of $10 is required for each seat (cash or cheque only). This levy covers all hard costs associated with the recycling of your seat including stripping the metal, re-chipping of the plastic and transportation and administration of the program. 

3. Drop your seat & levy off at our location with a staff member.

Please note: Any seats dropped at our drop zone after hours without the levy will be discarded as we cannot shoulder the cost associated with recycling a seat that hasn’t been paid for.

Questions? Please contact us at either or today!

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